01. The auto show is [comprised] of a mixture of classic luxury cars, modern sports cars, and models of futuristic vehicles.
02. The concert crowd was [comprised] of a surprising variety of people, from punk rockers, to businessmen, and retired couples.
03. British Columbia's giant underwater seaweed forests [comprise] ecosystems which are more diverse than rainforests.
04. Koreans now [comprise] about 30% of the students in our ESL program.
05. Scientists estimate that hydrogen [comprises] around 90 to 99 percent of all matter in the universe.
06. Human bones are [comprised] of 22% water.
07. The first part of the Shinkansen high speed train line in Japan is [comprised] of the link between Tokyo and Osaka.
08. The Indo-European family of languages [comprises] among others English, French, Russian, and Sanskrit.
09. Forty percent of the labor force in this country is [comprised] of women, of whom over sixty percent are married.
10. The Sahara Desert [comprises] a total area equal to that of all of Europe.
11. The coalition is [comprised] of members of the right-wing Likud party, and some religious groups.
12. Jellyfish are [comprised] almost entirely of water.
13. The average man's muscles [comprise] about 40 percent of body weight, whereas the average woman's muscles make up only 30 percent.
14. Gordon Allport once suggested that love received, and love given [comprise] the best form of therapy.
15. A team [comprising] the best young hockey players in the country is being put together for the world junior championships.
16. The musical style of Monteverdi and his contemporaries [comprised] diverse elements, some borrowed from the past, others very new.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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